Frequently Asked Questions

We want all of our patients to feel confident in the care they receive from Inglewood Dental Surgery. If your question is not answered below you can also call us directly for a prompt answer to any question regarding the services we provide or your treatment.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Generally, we recommend an annual check-up. Regular check-ups allow us to detect problems early before they become more extensive, costly, and harder to remedy. We will be able to determine the appropriate interval between visits based on your mouth, teeth and gums. In some cases we may recommend to see you more frequently.

How can I pay for my dental treatment?

We require payment on the day of treatment. EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available. We can also prepare quotes for WINZ and ACC and provide free dental care for under-18s.

Do you do teeth whitening?

Yes, we have the facilities to provide a customised take home bleaching treatment, to remove staining to enable discoloured teeth to look whiter, giving you a beautiful sparkling smile.

Can you remove wisdom teeth?

Yes, there are a number of reasons why wisdom teeth may cause problems and if they are causing pain and infection, we recommend their extraction. These can be extracted under local anaesthetic or with the aid of IV sedation. Complex wisdom teeth are referred to a specialist.

My tooth is broken, what can I do?

We know dental emergencies can be miserable, so we reserve time in our schedule to deal with them. Please contact us as early as possible in the day, and we will do our very best to see you that same day. In the meantime, apply a cold pack to the cheek or lips over the broken tooth and rinse your mouth well with warm water.